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RDS Legal Insight Vol.13/Q1/2024

RDS is pleased to publish RDS Legal Insight Q1 of 2024. This quarterly magazine features the following articles by our colleagues:

1) Sections 43 And 44 Of The Companies Act 2016: Can Private Companies Offer Shares To The Public Prior To Being Listed?

by  Lee Zai-Lii (Lily)

2) Are Parties Required To Pay The Arbitration Deposit?

by  Kooy Wei Nee

3) Director’s Right To Inspect Documents – Is It Absolute?

by  Lim Khey Ken

4) Transfer Pricing & Intangibles

by  Dharshini Sharma

5) Transfer Listing: What, How And Why

by  Vincent Kow & Rowena Ng

A copy of this magazine can be downloaded at:

22 March 2024


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