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RDS Legal Insight Vol.11/Q3/2023

RDS is pleased to publish RDS Legal Insight Q3 of 2023. This quarterly magazine features the following articles by our colleagues:

1) Corporate Rescue Mechanisms in Malaysia – A Welcome Tool Now Due for Upgrade

by Farah Shuhadah Razali & Nadiea Afiqah

2) Exploring Syndicated Loans From A Practical Perspective

by Lim Sheh Ting  & Thomas Low Yong Xin

3) Investment Treaty Arbitration: Discovery In The Clouds

by Austen Emmanuel Pereira

4) Laying The Groundwork: Establishing An Effective Corporate Governance Before An IPO

By Lily Lee Zai-Lii

5) Are Conditional Payment Provisions Legally Enforceable?

by Kooy Wei Nee

6) Contribution Of Islamic Finance In The Growth Of Malaysia's Halal Economy

by Nur Shohidah Ramlee

A copy of this magazine can be downloaded at:

5 OCTOBER 2023


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