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RDS Legal Insight Vol.12/Q4/2023

RDS is pleased to publish RDS Legal Insight Q4 of 2023. This quarterly magazine features the following articles by our colleagues:

1) Doctrine Of Limitation: A Sword, A Shield Or A Shield To The Sword?

by Syafinaz Vani & Rakkshanaa Samasundaram

2) Time And Manner Of The Delivery Of Vacant Possession Of A Property

by Tan Gek Im  & Tiew Yi Wen

3) Post-Repeal Entitlement To GST Input Tax Refund – The Case Of Lendlease Development Sdn Bhd (2021)

by Amira Rafie

4) The Malaysian Legal System – Chronicles Of The Dual Justice System

By  Dharshini Sharma

5) Unveiling The Grey Areas: In-House Counsel And Legal Professional Privilege

by  Ling Siew Hui & Roshanth Aaron James

A copy of this magazine can be downloaded at:

3 January 2024


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