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Legal Insight - Vol.7/Q2/22

This 7th edition of RDS Legal Insight magazine features 5 articles written by our colleagues:

1. Production Of Bankers’ Books Under The Bankers’ Books (Evidence) Act 1949

by Syafinaz Vani & Elani Mazlan

2. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Duties And Responsibilities Of A Director

by Diane Ngu

3. Licensing Of Digital Banks: Regulatory Compliance And Data Protection Considerations

by Shera Chuah

4.Buying Auctioned Property – Does That Give Rise To A Private Contract With The Chargee Bank?

by Keh Yin Chong

5. Are Financing Costs Tax Deductible?

by Kar Ngai Ng

A copy of this magazine can be downloaded at [PDF Link]


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