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Legal Insight - Vol.5/Q4/21

Rosli Dahlan Saravana Partnership (RDS) is pleased to publish the final edition of RDS Legal Insight for 2021. This quarterly magazine features various legal articles by our colleagues:

1. Regulatory Framework and Incentives for Renewable Energy - Towards A Carbon Neutral Nation by Farizal Farhan

2. Retention Sums - Trust Monies or Not? by Shaun Tan

3. The Wax and Wane of Housing Development Laws; A Study of Recent Landmark Cases by Kimberly Lim Ming Ying

4. The Status Of E-Hailing Drivers in Malaysia by Hayden Tan

5. Stay of Execution - An Automatic Right? by Lisa Yong

6. Data Privacy Considerations Amid Covid-19: A Guide to Employers by Shera Chuah Tien Jing

7. Legal Insight - Directors' Liability in Respect of Companies' Tax Affairs by Sophia Choi Cai Ying

8. Bill of Lading - Is It Time for Change by Kuhan Manokaran

A copy of this magazine can be download at [PDF Link]

29 December 2021

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