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The lifeblood of a business, intellectual property and patents has to be developed and maintained. A strategic management of IP would allow existing brands and innovations to enjoy continued protection, while new brands, products, processes and joint collaborations are given the necessary protection to prevent against infringement.

Our Approach

Our ESG lawyers are ready to assist clients to navigate their legal, tax, business and regulatory issues associated with this increasingly complex sector while delivering integrated and time-tested solutions, enabling them to achieve their business objectives efficiently.


Our intellectual property practice protects our clients’ ideas, technology, product and brands. From market leaders to dynamic start-ups, we help clients protect their market position and maximize their intellectual property. RDS adopts a pragmatic and value-focused approach in its IP practice to help businesses fully capitalize the value of its IP assets.

Our IP & TMT practice adopts a pragmatic approach in protecting ideas, trade secrets and businesses. Working together with renowned consultants on various fields and industries, we assess clients’ objective and position continuously to achieve the desired results.


Our practice includes every major area of IP including but without limitation to:


  • Artwork

  • Advertising

  • Fashion

  • Traditional knowledge

  • Design Patents

  • Biotechnology, Healthcare & Life Science

  • Patent Litigation

  • Trademark examinations

  • Trademark litigation

  • Copyright litigation

  • Confidential Information / Trade Secrets

  • Entertainment and Media

  • IP Enforcement

  • Online IP infringement

  • Telecommunications

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