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With market and economic shifts, new technology, globalisation and global mobility, a demand for more flexible workforces and ever-increasing scrutiny of compliance and ethics, the employment and labour challenges for multinationals are greater than ever. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic which caused major disruptions to the running of businesses globally has led to various businesses resorting to reducing salaries, temporary layoffs or even retrenchment.

Our Approach

Our team of employment lawyers has extensive experience and is ready to provide advisory and dispute resolution services to resolve any employment related matters you may have practically and swiftly, regardless of the industry you are in.

Our key areas of expertise include:


  • Employment contracts, employee handbooks, and other human resource management policies

  • Unfair, constructive, and wrongful dismissals

  • Disciplinary actions and domestic inquiries

  • Retrenchment & restructuring exercises

  • Voluntary & mutual separation schemes (VSS/MSS)

  • Protection of trade secrets, non-compete, and other employee restrictions

  • Engagement contracts for independent contractors, freelancers, gig-economy workers, and social-media content creators

  • Work-place discrimination and victimisation

  • Work-place harassment and sexual harassment

  • Employees’ breach of confidence and breach of loyalty

  • Internal fraud and corruption

  • Whistleblowing

  • Judicial review proceedings


Datuk D.P. Naban

Senior Partner

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