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The growing number of goods and services passing through Malaysian borders has increased exponentially with the rapid development of e-commerce and globalization.

Our Approach

Our team at RDS advises corporations in helping them minimize risks and navigate issues relating to cross border transactions. With our excellent commercial knowledge and extensive experience in Malaysian trade policies, we are able to advise our clients using a holistic and practical approach

We provide legal trade expertise in the following areas:


  • Trade remedies (anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, anti-profiteering and safeguards)

  • Tariffs and non-tariff-based trade barriers

  • Customs (import and export) control

  • Trade agreements (bilateral and multilateral)

  • Free trade agreements

  • Trade dispute and litigation

  • Product compliance

  • Trade regulatory and compliance

  • Combatting Counterfeit Products (Intellectual Property Rights)

  • International Trade Agreements and WTO disputes

  • Customs forfeitures and seizures

  • Value and Costs of Voluntary Self Disclosures

  • Boundaries of Permissive Searches at the Border

  • Related Party Transaction

  • Human Rights Due Diligence in the Supply Chain

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