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RDS Tax Team

January 26, 2021

In less than a year, our tax practice has grown to be a team of 16 wonderful colleagues who are passionate about tax law and in championing taxpayers! From the 1st row (L to R) and onwards: Datuk D P Naban , Amira Rafie, Ng Kar Ngai , Edwin, Jia Hui, Chew Ying, Lee Hon Jinn, Amira Azhar, Hanina, Elani Mazlan , Zhen Hung, Sophia Choy , Brandon Chee, S. Saravana Kumar ,Yap Wen Hui, and Rishikah Reggina Andrew. Thank you for your continuing support and we will continue to uphold the law by protecting taxpayers against arbitrary assessments. #RosliDahlanSaravanaPartnership #RDS #ReImaginingTaxSolutions


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