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Legal Insight - Vol.6/Q1/22

This issue of RDS Legal Insight features the following 5 articles written by our colleagues:

1. Ortus Expert White Sdn Bhd v Nor Yanni bt Adom & Anor: A More Stringent Test Of Trademark Infringement

by Kenny Lam Kian Yip

2. Sustainable ESG Manufacturing Practices In Malaysia

by Annabel Kok

3. Reinvestment Allowance For The Manufacturing Of Electricity by S. Saravana Kumar & Nur Amira Binti Ahmad Azhar

4. Product Liability: Are You An Expert?

by Kong Xin Qing

5. Analysis Of Section 3(1)(A) Of The Land Acquisition Act 1960– A Provision To Acquire Private Land For Manufacturing & Industrial Purpose?

by Amiratu Al Amirat

A copy of this magazine can be download at [PDF Link]

2 AUGUST 2022

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