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Many businesses and organizations worldwide are increasingly embracing responsible commercial practices, including a focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues for a sustainable future.

With ESG practices becoming increasingly critical for organizations that are under scrutiny from a wide range of stakeholders, including investors, NGOs, regulators and employees, it is therefore pertinent for companies to address ESG and sustainability issues prudently whilst maximizing their long-term economic stability and growth.

Our Approach

Our ESG lawyers are ready to assist clients to navigate their legal, tax, business and regulatory issues associated with this increasingly complex sector while delivering integrated and time-tested solutions, enabling them to achieve their business objectives efficiently.


We are ever-ready to assist and advise clients by offering clear, strategic and holistic advice, especially on the evolving ESG drivers, legislation and regulation, policy document, guidelines and frameworks, through our experience and legal knowledge across multiple practice areas. Additionally, we adopt a comprehensive approach when assisting clients in identifying and managing ESG issues and goals and their incidental risks to remain competitive and be recognised as responsible corporate citizens, worthy of attracting socially responsible investments.

Our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers cognisant of the issues surrounding ESG matters, and we are well-placed to provide the following services to guide our clients through these rapidly changing considerations:


  • Sustainability strategy and integration into decision-making

  • Identifying ESG opportunities and risks

  • Transparency and disclosure requirements

  • Policies and procedures for regulatory compliance purposes

  • Grievance procedures

  • Managing indirect impacts

  • Crisis management

  • Tax incentives

  • Availability of incentive schemes - such as Green Investment Tax Allowance Projects and Green  Income Tax Exemption Services

  • An ESG-based approach to tax reporting that incorporates a tax strategy, and a narrative surrounding that strategy, that are aligned with the company’s overall values.


Our firm is currently embarking on providing integrated advice on ESG risk assessment, which includes but not limited to the following interrelated areas:


  • Environmental liability;

  • Carbon trading;

  • Business and human rights;

  • Ownership of natural assets;

  • ESG capital markets/securities regulations;

  • Governance and business ethics including responsible use of technology;

  • Climate change;

  • Corporate responsibility; and

  • Sustainable finance;

  • Environmental taxes, incentives, and regulatory compliance and reporting requirement;

  • Tax advisory which includes advising clients to connect the ESG strategy to supply chain, transfer pricing and tax-related considerations;

  • International fair tax environment advice (e.g., BEPS 2.0 and country-by-country reporting); and

  • ESG tax ratings and benchmarking services.


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