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RDS advises on best practices to mitigate the risk of corporate fraud, ranging from ordinary financial fraud to sensitive issues arising across multiple jurisdictions under foreign corrupt practices and anti-bribery legislation and procurement regulations. We are renowned for our expertise and exceptional track record of proactively initiating actions and defending clients facing serious allegations of corporate fraud.

Our Approach

RDS is experienced in pursuing corporate fraud cases at the highest levels. We understand the intricacies of the law, and the proper forums for pursuing these claims. We provide advice and counsel to shareholders, board of directors, board committees, senior management and in-house legal and compliance officers to enable clients to make practical judgement, stimulate innovation and make decisions based on a broad range of perspectives. RDS offers clear, strategic advice at every stage of the process to allow our clients to make the possible decisions throughout any corporate fraud proceedings.

We recognize that the best protection against corporate fraud may be achieved by firm implementation of clear corporate policies across your organization. Our experts can help you minimise the risk of future fraud by implementing preventative measures such as robust policies and procedures to protect your business.


Our key areas of expertise include:


  • Breach of fiduciary duties

  • Conspiracy to defraud / injure

  • Bribery/corruption and MACC investigations

  • Insider trading

  • Anti-money laundering

  • Corporate governance and compliance


Datuk D.P. Naban

Senior Partner

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